Simulcast Registration and Rules

Simulcast bidding is available during our live Auto and Bus Auctions. This gives bidders the ability to place bids on vehicles in the live auctions remotely from any location while the auction is in progress. In order to participate in Simulcast, bidders must preregister which includes filling out the appropriate registration packets, creating a login on our website and submitting payment. Every part of this process must be completed and submitted by 3:00 PM Friday before the auction on Saturday. Failure to complete the full registration process by that time will result in the bidder not being able to participate in the live auction. Once all forms are filled out and submitted to 422 it is the bidder’s responsibility to contact 422 to make sure everything has been completed correctly in order to participate in Simulcast.

Click here to watch the Simulcast How-to Video in English                                                  Click here to watch the Silmulcast How-To Video in Spanish

Please complete every step below for Simulcast Registration

~ If you are a dealer wanting to participate in Simulcast please go to this link.

Dealer Registration Packet

~ If you are a non-dealer public buyer wanting to participate in Simulcast please go to this link.

Individual Simulcast Registration Packet

Individual Simulcast Registration Packet ~ FILLABLE

Once the necessary forms have been completed and submitted please go to this link and follow the prompts to create an account on our website. This creates the login necessary to participate in Simulcast.

Simulcast Login

The final step is to contact 422 and submit payment before bidding rights will be activated for Simulcast. 422 requires a 25% deposit of the amount the bidder is wanting to spend during the auction in order to participate in Simulcast. The 25% deposit must be received by 3:00 PM Friday before the auction on Saturday.

Acceptable forms of payment for the 25% deposit are as follows,
1. Cash deposit
2. Credit card transaction
3. Bank letter of guarantee accompanied by a signed check
4. Cashier’s check

Additional Rules and Regulations for Participating in Simulcast

  • Every vehicle is assumed to need some repairs for PA State Inspection and is sold As-Is Where-Is, no warranty. These vehicles are sold as is without any warranty either expressed or implied. The purchaser will bear the entire expense of repairing or correcting any defects that presently exist or that may occur in the vehicle.

  • You are strongly urged to inspect all vehicles prior to purchase. We are open for inspection the Friday prior to the sale from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

  • You must be 21 or older to participate in the Simulcast Auction.

  • When picking up your vehicle you must bring a valid driver’s license. For buying or transferring any type of plate you must bring proof of current insurance in your name. If you are transferring a plate, that plate must be current and you must bring the registration card. The buyer must be present to sign all necessary paperwork.

  • All internet purchases made off-site must be paid in full no later than 1 week following the Auction via cash, wire transfer or cashier’s check. Payments received after 1 week will incur a $95 late fee per vehicle. If any amount is not paid after 1 week, 422 will also add a 5% penalty to the total amount due. If a preapproved bank letter of guarantee is being used with a signed check, the check will be made out for the full amount and deposited the Monday following the Auction.

  • Buyer guarantees all transactions and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Auction from loss or expense caused as a result of any transactions as well as any expense incurred in attempting to collect on such loss including attorney’s fees.

  • The buyer’s fee for each vehicle bought on Simulcast is $150 + 10% of the bid price.

  • Floor bidders will have preference in the case of a tie. The 422 Auction is not responsible for the loss of connection or equipment failure that leads to a potential bidder not being able to participate in the Simulcast event.

  • Condition reports may be provided as a convenience and in many cases, a product of one individual’s opinions. Auction will not be responsible for errors. Decision of the Auction will be final in all disputes.

  • Making transportation arrangements is the responsibility of the buyer.

  • Bidder acknowledges that any actions taken and purchases made under my username and password are my responsibility. I hereby agree that my username and password will be used by no other persons, for any reason. I also agree to have only one username and password.